• Improves muscle tone and mass, corrects your posture, reduces body fat and stabilizes joints for optimal mobility.
  • Refines your ability to connect with, control and express strong movements across individual joints or your entire body.
  • Comfortably pushes your limits during a class, regressing and progressing as required to keep improving.
  • Mitigates the risk of injury with measurable effort providing both short-term and lasting, positive change.
  • Boosts self-worth and enhances your coordination and peripheral skills.

Unlocking your potential for movement begins with strength and conditioning, which is why it’s important to understand what developing strength and conditioning actually means. Strength training strengthens your movement pattern, joints, tissues and nervous system through large-load bodyweight training. Meanwhile, conditioning improves your cardiovascular capability and ability to support your physical capabilities using much lighter or even no weights. Combine the two and you’ll improve your muscular strength and condition your body to achieve optimal results.

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  • Are TMP strength and conditioning classes right for me?

    Strength and conditioning is a training discipline that’s suitable for everyone. Although the term may conjure up images of extreme bodybuilding, it’s also a highly adaptable and effective treatment for conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. By supplying your muscles with more energy, even daily tasks such as climbing the stairs, walking and standing will become easier. The biggest benefits for athletes are physiological changes such as an increase in bone mineral density, improved resilience and impact resistance in connective tissue.

  • How does it work?

    TMP strength and conditioning classes are built on systems, science and principles, not trending fashions and fleeting fads. Relevant to teams, sports and individuals, we strengthen the movement you require and condition the movement that you own. As such our space incorporates a functional setup, with allocated space for weights, cardio, sprinting and rope work. We design our classes to build better fitness for stronger, healthier bodies.

  • How much do strength and conditioning classes cost?

    As a member, you can enjoy unlimited weekly classes included within your monthly membership. Alternatively, on a drop-in basis, each strength and conditioning class is priced at £9 for non-members. We also offer discounted class bundles of up to four, eight or twelve classes. Each class duration is 60 minutes and we recommend attending two classes per week.

  • Why choose TMP?

    TMP represents a game-changer for individuals and teams who are serious about improving their mobility, endurance and joint health. Offering affordable, engaging and challenging classes, using a multiple-disciplinary approach, our strength and conditioning coaches enable you to enhance your game, excel in your performance and reach your full potential in life.

  • How do I find out more?

    Get in touch via our contact page or message us through any of our social media channels. You can also arrange to visit TMP in person by prior appointment for a tour and to discuss your needs and goals directly with one of our lead trainers.


  • The Strength and Conditioning classes at TMP have absolutely transformed my training. Definitely getting stronger and leaner and feeling the benefits of this class.

    OP - TMP Member, Cornwall

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