• Coaching variabilities to improve technique, agility, coordination, power and mobility.
  • Develop a fearless, enthusiastic and confident team with positive attitudes.
  • A focus on commitment, team dynamics and camaraderie—pushing one another to become better.
  • We dissect each discipline and component to systematically develop strength and conditioning.
  • Safe environment to mitigate injury, compete and improve the skills needed to win.

Bridging the gap between science and training, TMP provides measurable performance and progressive philosophies designed to motivate all athletes across all disciplines. From weekend warriors to elite pros, our sport-specific team training is designed to challenge, explore and exploit each biological system. We leverage weight, mass and gravity to help athletes improve their mobility and rotational capacity, build muscle strength and prevent injuries. Arguably the most innovative training space in Cornwall incorporating highly skilled, clinically qualified movement experts who know their stuff and deliver it straight, we offer each club exclusive use and four performance-based team training sessions per month.

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  • Is TMP performance-based team training right for my club?

    We work with athletes of all levels, all abilities and from all disciplines. From elite gymnasts, yogis and ballet dancers to Olympians, rugby players and even contortionists…we refine the physiological profile of each sport to influence your training program. Alongside building mobility to facilitate variability of movement and mitigate joint degradation, we instil accountability, dedication and leadership to help your team actively improve, stay in their game and play to win.

  • What facilities do you have on-site?

    Easily accessible, with free on-site parking and a sports therapy treatment room, TMP offers an entirely different user experience when compared to a standard gym. It’s a class-based space with ample equipment but no machines. Underpinning natural movements to build strength and condition, during dedicated weekly slots, the lead trainer focuses on improving sport-specific components. Providing the opportunity for any club or team to train together outside of actual sports practice, our classes are also customised to support individual needs.

  • Why choose TMP?

    TMP represents a game-changer for clubs and teams that are serious about improving performance outside of practising their sport. Offering affordable, engaging and challenging classes, using multiple disciplinary approaches, our performance-based training sessions enable teams to train together using the movements associated with their sport. Allowing teams to understand their capabilities and thresholds, the focus on mobility and freeing movement is at the heart of what we do.

  • How easy is it to cancel if my team wants to stop training at TMP?

    Unlike a traditional gym, if your circumstances change and you no longer want to participate in performance-based team training at TMP, we offer a flexible approach. To cancel, we simply require a period of 20 days’ notice by email. For more information on this, our terms and what we include, please read our Terms of Service.


  • I knew I needed more of a healthy balance and not just cardio all the time causing injury. I now feel stronger, more flexible, and actually enjoying such a variation in classes and with all the right professional guidance!

    AH - TMP Member, Cornwall