• We create tangible and specific goals focusing on natural movements to build strength.
  • Enjoy better results in less time, eliminate monotony and boost your motivation.
  • Together, we measure and track your progress to ensure you’re meeting your goals.
  • Invest in improving your quality of life, when looking good becomes a by-product of feeling good.
  • Develop a safe and functional body with full ranges of motion and superior joint health.

If you want to get the most out of your daily life, improve your mobility and strengthen your joints, explore the possibilities of one-on-one personal training with TMP. We educate your nervous system in line with injury prevention and support your ability to produce a larger volume of varied and complex movements. Strength training tailored to your lifestyle, we begin with an initial movement assessment to identify any problems and create a personalised progression plan to target and correct inherent asymmetry in your body. Combining these principles with volume and mobility training, each 60-minute session also implements recovery strategies to ensure you stay at your best.

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  • Is TMP personal training right for me?

    Your health, your potential to succeed and your ability to live life to the full are all built on your choice to keep moving in one way or another. Human health depends on a minimal amount of movement and happiness depends on expanding this movement to get the most out of it. Whatever your reasons and lifestyle, proper guidance and efficient encouragement are the keys to achieving maximum results and forging healthy mobility. Unlike a traditional personal trainer, TMP personal training proactively provides opportunities that alternatives don’t offer.

  • How does it work?

    More than weight loss, TMP personal training places focus on strengthening your movement, progressing your fitness levels and improving your anatomy.  We begin with a 60-minute preliminary consultation including a physical assessment to determine and identify any problems. From here, we prepare a report with our recommendations and a personalised plan to help you identify what you need, outline your goals and progress your levels of mobility, health and well-being.

  • Why choose TMP personal training?

    TMP personal training represents a game-changer for individuals who are serious about improving their mobility, joint health and daily lives. Offering affordable, engaging and challenging sessions, using a multiple-disciplinary approach, our personal training sessions enable you to work toward your goals efficiently, using a set of standards designed to push you to new levels.

  • How do I find out more?

    Get in touch via our contact page or message us through any of our social media channels. You can also arrange to visit TMP in person by prior appointment for a tour and to discuss your needs and goals directly with one of our personal trainers.


  • TMP pushed me more than I could myself. The programme in-between PT sessions was challenging but rewarding and I really noticed physical and mental benefits!

    NB - TMP Member, Cornwall