About functional mobility (Kinstretch)

  • Promotes usable ranges of motion, joint lubrication and capacity of movement.
  • Improves strength, cardiovascular conditioning, lung health, balance, agility, mobility and endurance.
  • Maximises body control and awareness, alongside bolstering neurological and biomechanical functions.
  • Prevents physical injuries, improves sporting performance and helps you live a longer life.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, underpins weight management and combats fatigue.

Imagine alleviating pain and enjoying superior mobility in both your sporting discipline and everyday life. Cue Kinstretch. Created to target every part of your body including your neck, shoulders, hips and ankles, this movement enhancement system actively engages your joints without using machines or gravity. Our one-hour functional mobility class will expand your ranges of motion by isolating your joints and building each joint’s rotational capacity. Classes incorporate years of scientific research, vary in intensity and involve getting your sweat on. Ready for positive, lasting change?

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  • Are functional mobility (Kinstretch) classes right for me?

    Easily pared down or scaled up, anyone who is serious about joint health can join our functional mobility (Kinstretch) classes. TMP works with you to expand and unlock new ranges of motion to create control and tension, helping you understand your body and improving how you move. Functional mobility is based on self-effort, allowing you to monitor the intensity, whilst facilitating variability of movement and mitigating joint degradation.

  • Why is functional mobility (Kinstretch) important?

    Regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior wanting to support your everyday natural movement, joints play a vital role in our overall health. Different from conventional training, our functional mobility (Kinstretch) classes actively engage your nervous system to increase your range of motion through self-generated tension. Requiring maximum effort, the importance of improved awareness, control and movement means you can continue to enjoy the activities you love.

  • How will this fit into my training?

    Serving to complement your current training or used as a stand-alone modality, the more time you dedicate to functional mobility (Kinstretch) classes, the better your body will be able to participate in sports, training or everyday life. Helping you to safely create the efficient body you need, without fear of injury, our classes include specific mobility work tailored to your lifestyle, discipline and routine.

  • How much do functional mobility (Kinstretch) classes cost?

    As a member, you can enjoy unlimited weekly classes included within your monthly membership. Alternatively, on a drop-in basis, each functional mobility (Kinstretch) class is priced at £9 for non-members. We also offer discounted class bundles of up to four, eight or twelve classes.Each class duration is 45 minutes and we recommend attending two classes per week. We also have Beginner courses running every other month – message us to be added to the waitlist.

  • How do I find out more?

    Get in touch via our contact page or message us through any of our social media channels. You can also arrange to visit TMP in person by prior appointment for a tour and to discuss your needs and goals directly with one of our lead trainers.


  • The sessions are interactive and the constant variation keeps your interest. Specifically, you’re taught how to build mobility improvements into everyday activities, which is really effective at strengthening posture longer term.

    TH - TMP Member, Cornwall

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