• Improves cardiovascular function, gives a new perspective on breathing and encourages endurance.
  • This low-impact exercise helps strengthen your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and core.
  • Boosts your resting energy levels and increases mental alertness and motivation.
  • Increases cycling proficiency, helps you stay in peak condition and enhances balance and coordination.
  • Reduces body fat, boosts metabolism, increases calorie burn and improves mood and personal well-being.

Enjoy a real cardio high from the global workout trend that’s fast becoming a lifestyle. A fully immersive spinning experience, TMP pairs each high-intensity, 45-minute spinning class with some of the best cycling beats to create natural sources of energy and euphoria. More than just pedalling, this easy-on-the joints cardio class targets the whole body and involves different cadences and inclines. TMP’s motivation is contagious, so you may arrive feeling tired, but you’ll leave feeling energised.

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  • Are TMP spinning classes right for me?

    TMP spinning classes are open to people of all levels and abilities. An ideal class for older adults, spinning is a low-impact exercise, which means it’s also ideal for people recovering from orthopaedic injuries and for those looking to link in more diverse strength and conditioning. The cornerstone of any effective fitness program, the average spin class burns between 400 and 600 calories, so if your key goal is improving your body composition, getting on the saddle can also help you on the road to weight loss.

  • How does it work?

    TMP spinning classes incorporate an intense, vigorous leg pumping workout designed to re-energise your body using best-in-class stationary bikes whilst listening to motivating cycle beats. The instructor guides the intensity of each 45-minute class, but you are able to control and adjust the resistance to moderate the pace and intensity of your ride.

  • How much do spinning classes cost?

    By becoming a member, you can enjoy unlimited weekly classes included within your monthly membership. You can also attend on a drop-in basis, priced at £9 for non-members. We also offer discounted class bundles of up to four, eight or twelve classes.Each class duration is 45 minutes and we recommend attending two to three classes per week.

  • Why choose TMP?

    TMP represents a game-changer for individuals and teams who are serious about improving their mobility, endurance and joint health. Offering affordable, engaging and challenging classes, each spinning session is perfectly pitched to ensure everyone in the class enjoys sustainable training effects. TMP spinning instructors hold the highest levels of practical experience and physiological theory ready to support anyone who wants to elevate their cardiovascular health.

  • What’s new with Spinning at TMP?

    TMP is very excited to have opened its own custom built spin studio in June. State of the art Keiser bikes in an immersive colourful and musical studio. We also have two new spin instructors joining the ranks. If you’ve never been to our gym before, we’d love for you to join us and try a class. You won’t be disappointed.

  • How do I find out more?

    Get in touch via our contact page or message us through any of our social media channels. You can also arrange to visit TMP in person by prior appointment for a tour and to discuss your needs and goals directly with one of our lead trainers.


  • I have been spinning for over 10 years and for me to leave my regular gym amd make a change was a hard decision! The classes are highly motivating, each class is different and encourages you to progress more!

    AH - TMP Member, Cornwall

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You don’t have to become a member to join our classes! From strength and conditioning to sunrise spinning, TMP has a class for every ability.

  • Located at Penryn RFC. Lead trainer and expert instructor-led classes.
  • Buy individual classes or discounted bundles of four or twelve.
  • View our timetable and book your classes in advance and online.

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Looking for an alternative to a traditional gym? Focusing on natural movements, TMP brings people and clubs together within a class-based space to boost performance and improve quality of life.

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